Our Philosophy

Consumers are now looking for so-called 'investment' pieces — minimalist, last-forever items, and LeParmentier Paris is the perfect example.

Greetings from Florence, Italy

This is where a handful of exceptional leather laboratories ran by decades-long tradition of local master artisans represent the world’s leading manufacturing source of those French & Italian luxury icons the whole world loves.

It is from the same laboratories, thanks to the genius of a Paris-based multi-awarded designer, creative director for 8 years of one the most recognized iconic brands in the fashion world today (she won’t reveal herself for obvious reasons) that LeParmentier Paris was born back in 2016, with the launch of the three models Astorya, Thais and Yucca.

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The Secret Behind LePARMENTIER

Who doesn't love the so called "super-brands", they have such a magic allure and do everything to make you feel special, steps ahead of everybody else.

The Change

Things have changed lately, customer’s sensibility has evolved a lot. Feeling special today means shopping consciously, standing out of the crowd, owning a piece that's not "overexposed" or easily accessible at every boutique around the corner or any online store.

The Secret

Three key ingredients that were impossible to combine until we found a way to put together an amazing team of designers, unparalleled manufacturing expertise & top notch sourcing till now exclusively accessible by a handful of big iconic brands.




Our Vision

We aim to offer a timeless, trend-resistant design, going against the frantic and 'restless' haste of fashion who has lead to illogical massive overproduction and major negative impact on the environment.

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